Gina is a freelance creative based in Wellington, NZ, working for clients anywhere from her home town to the other side of the world. A member of Affectors, in house illustrator at Inject Design and represented by the lovely folk at The Drawing Book Studios


Simon is described as a ‘comic book genius’. He is a New Zealand artist better known in the USA and Japan. In more recent years, Simon has been directing his magic into the world of tattoo. His custom art draws people from all over New Zealand.


Check out our new artist Chris Nixon. Chris is an illustrator, designer and creative director based in Perth, Australia. Inspired by the West Coast and classic surf culture with an emphasis on the handmade and crafted, textured work and direction spreads across a wide range of media. From children’s books to animation, commercial illustration to large scale public art. Chris has created several large scale artworks which have been installed around Australia and has exhibited work in Tokyo, Berlin, Bali, Sydney and Melbourne.


Jordan is a freelance artist based in Wellington New Zealand, muralist and illustrative designer for ALC Apparel and various other graphic based clothing brands worldwide. With an “all in or out” approach, his bipolar portfolio consists mostly of black and white or a complete flip of illustrations clutching onto as much hyper-colour as the human eye can possibly allow. His work has been featured in exhibitions from Wellington to as far as New York and LA.


Self-confessed purveyor of nonsense, New Zealand-born artist t.wei's work jumps between the surreal and the absurd. Currently working as a freelance illustrator/painter his work wanders down many avenues including print, video, clothing and murals.