Shapers Inc was born from a conversation between the waves by three close friends. Whilst discussing our options as to which surfboard to ride next, it came apparent to us how a surfboard would be a perfect canvas for a shaper, artist and owner to express their talent on. In this moment, the concept of Shapers Inc was born.

Our idea is to create a global community, linking the worlds finest Surfboard Shapers and Artists through a minimal design approach with an online gallery where customers can select a shaper in their local area, choose their artwork from a selected and curated range of Artists, then fully customise the shape of their board. Through this approach we can then minimise the carbon footprint of shipping and create another form of canvas for artists to express themselves on.

The look and feel of our brand is clean, minimal and refined. We have used the essential design elements to communicate our brand, with combining the surfboards true art form when created by the hands of an experienced shaper, together creating an expression of craft, form and functionality. Shapers Inc brings together our combined love for the ocean, surfing and art, along with the desire to create awareness for the wellbeing of the sea making it a magic place for our children to explore in years to come.

Shapers Inc strives to minimize our impact on the environment and donates a percentage of the profits to our chosen charity Sustainable Coastlines through One Percent Collective.

Andrew Wood

Harry A'Court

Chris Benham